Composite for Vehicle Body Building

We provide advanced composite that is a premium engineered sandwich panelling system and construction material for making bodies of electric vehicles, bus, trucks, train and such applications that can take advantage of lightweight yet structurally robust feature.

Using our Composite Fusion®, the vehicle can be made more energy efficient by reducing weight and enhancing durability, corrosion resistance and performance. The features are:

  • Lightweight yet strong; improved payload ratio
  • High impact force resistance
  • Ready to assemble CKD kit with modular panels
  • Water proof & moisture dampening
  • Energy saving with high insulation properties for thermal, sound and energy
  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Corrosion, chemical & climate resistant
  • Can be customized as per vehicle design requirements
  • Choice of exterior/interior lamination – SS, MS, Aluminium, FRP, Thermoplastic