Pressurized Containers for Missile & Ammunition

A pioneer in the defence industry and a manufacturing partner of DRDO since 1994, Anjani Technoplast Ltd., offers the managerial and engineering sophistication in order to achieve extended shelf life of the missiles and ammunition and protection of sensitive telemetry. ATL has access to all the manufacturing disciplines which combine to form the art of packaging. ATL has delivered innovative design, development and manufacturing capabilities that incorporate the mechanical engineering of structures which withstand the rigors of the transportation, handling, and storage environment. ATL’s offering, which incorporates advanced lightweight composites, has received widespread recognition and appreciation by the Ministry of Defence and the Army. ATL has a proven expertise in the manufacturing and supply of Pressurized Missile Containers (PMC) to Bharat Dynamics Ltd. (BDL) for packaging of Akash Missile System, India’s first indigenously produced medium range Surface to Air missile. This customized pressurized container extends unparalleled features such as:

  • Multiple stacking to optimize space use during storage & transit
  • Significantly shorter duration to pressure and depressurize the container allows combat efficiency
  • Top loading design for easy access at battlefield
  • Prohibits sympathetic reaction of closely stacked munition
  • Inert to moisture that guarantees longer shelf life of missile and protection of sensitive telemetry
  • Reduced uninhabitable radius around the munition storage warehouse