Material Handling Pallets

Anjani’s lightweight plastic pallets ensure safety of material and enable economies and efficiencies for users, warehouses and logistics personnel on three key metrics - space, handling and cost. Our pallets are capable of absorbing huge amounts of energy under impact loads which results in high structural robustness.

Our material handling pallets are suitable across a range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, general manufacturing, FMCG, grains, food and beverage.



  • High static load capacity up to 4 tons
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Models available – stackable, rackable and nestable
  • Achieve volume reduction up to 75% during storage & transportation with up to G+4 stacking


  • Zero maintenance, fumigation free & all weatherproof
  • Does not break, crack, tear, swell, deteriorate or abrade
  • Termite proof, rust proof, anti-microbial, chemical proof
  • Easy to clean, flat and closed pallet surface without cavities that prohibits dirt from accumulating


  • Nail & splinter proof ergonomic design
  • Reduce occupational safety risk
  • Maintain high hygienic standard – no duct, fiber, bugs, etc.
  • Compatible with most material handling equipment and forklifts


  • Suitable for multi trip use, export & reverse logistics
  • Made with eco-friendly, food-grade raw material
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Homogeneous material that offers recyclability and buy-back features


  • Customer-specific pallet development
  • Customizable dimensions & design
  • Possible to add walls to the pallet
  • Create better retail product displays

PZ Decker


  • Ground Storage
  • Export & Reverse Logistics

PZ Barbox


  • Rackable Palle
  • Heavy duty storage for Ground storage

PZ Twister


  • Export & Ground Storage
  • Removable legs for lower logistics cost

PZ with Walls


  • Drum Storage
  • Spill Control with Relieve Valve & Border
  • Pallet & Extended Wall

Tier Separators & Partitions
for horizontal & vertical segmentation of goods

Also known as layer pads, Tier Separators are commonly used during storage and transportation in the FMCG and automobile industry for stacking of semi-finished and finished material such as beverages, containers and metallic parts.

Anjani’s Tier Separators and Partitions are the reusable tiering panels that are made of our unique composite technology. These can take higher payloads and can be used for both horizontal & vertical segmentation of material during packaging.

Unlike conventional fiber or corrugated sheets, ATL’s offering is a zero-maintenance, lightweight palletizing solution available in standard panel thickness of 15mm and 30mm. The lamination and dimensions can be customized to ensure that you get the right utilizing platform.


  • Horizontal & Vertical segmentation of material
  • High strength to weight ratio – exceptional strength & durability
  • Reusable load-bearing layering panels
  • Energy & shock absorber during transportation
  • Maximum load stability and material protection
  • Protection from strapping damage and part contact
  • Anti-skid due to high surface coefficient of friction
  • Smooth flat surface for consistence reusability
  • Moisture proof, rust proof, chemical resistant
  • Compatible with all types of industrial pallets
  • Easily washable to maintain clean, hygienic platform
  • Ergonomic design for safety of product and personnel

Tier Separator (1)

Tier Separator (2)

Tier Separator (3)

Tier Separator (4)