Packing of Explosives,Shells & Weapons

Armies world over use different types of weaponry ranging from small arms to missile for conventional, sub-conventional and NBC warfare. Ammunition for these have a specified shelf life which goes through a cycle of manufacturing, packing, stacking, deployment and ordnance recycling. It is therefore crucial to optimize the shelf life of the ammunition. At Anjani, engineering teams have combined their experience and proficiency in design engineering by using lightweight composites for munition packaging and containerization. We can provide ammo box of any size for entire range of weapons to suit the requirement of defence, para-military force & home security as per their needs. Special features of our pressurized packaging solutions include:

  • Reducing the crucial downtime for battlefield readiness & combat efficiency
  • Compatible with all desired modes of transportation for deployment and engagement
  • Ruggedized solutions designed to be collapsible, fire-proof, reusable, weather-proof and corrosion resistance
  • Anjani extends its expertise in designing and manufacturing of boxes and containers for munition that may be launched from ground, air, ship and submarine platforms, such as:

  • Strategic operational and tactile weaponry & systems

    - Strategic and tactile missiles
    - Heavy ammunition including artillery, air defence,
      tanks & ICVs
    - Area weapons – mortars & rockets
    - Automatics & small arms

  • Commands & control equipment
  • Logistics containers
  • Replacement by paradropping