Sandwich structured composite panels are factory-engineered panels used for versatile industries and applications. Used extensively in aerospace, marine & automotive applications, composite panels are capable of absorbing huge amounts of energy under impact loads which results in high structural robustness.

Anjani offers a variety of material technologies such as metal, plastic, aluminium, steel, ceramic, and fibre-based composite materials:

  • Zero maintenance = all weather proof
  • 100% resistant to moisture, corrosion, rust, chemical, termite, salt
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Acoustic & vibration dampening
  • Modular panels that allow design flexibility as well as scalable and rapid construction
  • Control over temperature, hygiene & pressure differentials
  • Exceptional thermal insulation properties that curb heat and cold transmission
  • Dimensional savings with high insulation value at low panel thickness
  • Resistant to bending, cracking, shrinkage, warping, swelling, deterioration or abrading

Composite for sandwich applications

This composition offers a high degree of stability, rigidity and excellent load-bearing capacity,


Composite for vehicle body building

Anjani’s modular composite panels are manufactured with an core that has continuous lamination of metal or non-metal facing. This composition offers a high degree of stability, rigidity