Multi Head Drilling & Deburring Machine

Made in India, AWG-MHDDM is an automated machine-tool designed for executing mechanical operations on API pipes, such as:

  • Drilling
  • Deburring OD (Outer Diameter)
  • Deburring ID (Inner Diameter)

The machine is made to perform patterned drilling and deburring of any API pipe.

The Drill and Deburr machines work in tandem with each other, providing a machining operation having minimum intervention from operator.

The parameters for operation are recalled from a recipe (program) which is developed for different pipe sizes and patterns.

The operator is required to identify the pattern and pipe’s dimensions such as its diameter and length so as to just select the appropriate recipe and then run the program to perform the required operation with one button only.

Features of MHDDM (Multi Head Drilling & Deburring Machine)
  • Fast, burr-less, stable work piece drilling
  • 100% coupon removal and pipe cleaning
  • Fully integrated and automated CNC drilling and deburring machine
  • Single operator handling
  • Patented technology for drilling, deburring and automated pipe handling
  • Automatic pipe loading, feeding, reference, transfer and unloading
  • Pipe drill pattern of choice
  • Hassle-less inter-pipe and inter-pattern calibration
  • Better Production Planning Control (PPC)
  • Customized design as per requirements. For example – number of spindles, inter- spindle distance, level of automation, grinding and deburring of pipe
  • The only one in the world
  • Low lead time for manufacturing, commissioning and installation
  • Easier and faster assembly and disassembly allow machine to be portable
  • High pressure waterjet assisted cleaning and burr removal (internal and outer diameter of pipe) along with air washer in leak proof, sound reduction chamber with inbuilt drainage system
  • Automatic Chip and Coupon Remover
  • Fast drill bit replacement system
  • Made in India
MHDDM Deburring HMIMHDDM Deburring StationMHDDM Drilling Process (3)MHDDM Pipe Loading Starting Position (2)MHDDM Drill Heads (4)MHDDM Drill Head Spindles (1)MHDDM Loading of PipeMHDDM Processed Pipe Patterns (2)MHDDM Honing Tool & Wire Brush (1)MHDDM Reaming BedMHDDM Deburring Chuck

CNC Multi Axis Water Jet Cutting Machine

Waterjet – An Overview
  • Water jet cutting machine works by flowing a large volume of water through a large orifice in the nozzle.
  • A series of high pressure lines, pumps and intensifiers force a stream of filtered water through a tiny orifice in the jewel.
  • A high pressure stream mixes with fine abrasive in a tube to provide extra ordinary cutting power.
  • Motion control is the heart of this machine which transport jet nozzles along programmed paths to cut complex profile.
  • Cuts almost all material cost effectively.
Basis Components
  • PC based programmable control
  • Structural steel base
  • Ball screw with linear guideways
  • ‘x/y’ carriage
  • Cartesian type gantry
  • Motorized ‘z’ axes
  • Catch tank
  • Cutting table
Benefits of Waterjet Cutting
  • Fast transition from drawing to cutting
  • High Accuracy no secondary cutting required
  • Burr free finish
  • Small Kerfs
  • Ideal for quick prototype, flexible production
  • Most suitable for high volume production
  • Customized system solution
  • No thermal influence solution
  • Low cutting & law reaction forces
  • Safer for operation
KMT Abrasive Tank
  • Provides a constant abrasive flow rate
  • Easy to use
  • Pressure Regulation
Pure Water Cutting

This method is primarily used far cutting soft materials such as rubber, foam, leather, gasket.
Water is pressurize at a ultra-high pressure level to form an intense Cutting stream.
Jet stream moves at very high velocity so as t cut at high feed rates.
Finest cut for soft materials-pure water cutting.
At 4,136 bar; orifice sizes: 0.10mm – 0.25mm; surface quality: medium – fine.

Material Thickness Cutting Speed
Rubber 2 27,000
10 11,500
20 2,200
Synthetic 2 22,500
Material 5 8,900
10 3,400
Foamed 10 27,500
Material 100 5,500
Units mm mm/min
Waterjet-Machine-BHELWaterjet-MachineWaterjet Machine

Abrasive Cutting

The best cutting solution for your hard material that can not be machined with water only.
The water nozzle is replaced by abrasive cutting head. Cutting head produces caherent, extremely energetic abrasive jet stream.
This method is ideal for cutting pattern in stone, glass, ceramics.
Can cut high tensile steel upto 50mm, normal metal upto 70 mm and ferrous metal upto 120mm

Material Thickness Cutting Speed
Titanium 10 150
40 30
100 11
Marble 10 800
40 160
120 46
Glass 10 635
40 130
120 37
Stainless Steel/Steel 10 125
40 25
100 9
Bronze 10 182
40 37
100 13
Aluminium 10 384
40 78
100 27
Units mm mm/min

At 4,136 bar; 450g/min abrasive flow; 0.25 – 0.76mm orifice combination; surface quality : medium – fine

Nanojet Standard Models*
Model 5010 1020 2030 3015 3020 4020
XY Travel (mm) 500 x 1000 1000 x 2000 2000 x 3000 3000 x 1500 3000 x 2000 4000 x 2000
Z Tarvel (mm) 250 mm (with 3 Axis) 700 mm (With 5 Axis)

*customized models can be offered.