Sahaj Toilets & Bathrooms

Smart cities and villages need smart technology – one that is cost effective, maintenance-free and does not require fancy engineering tools for construction. Sahaj Toilets & Bathrooms, made of lightweight composite panels, make the technology and the amenity affordable and available to the masses. It is Anjani’sofferingunder ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, India’s flagship program to make India Open Defecation Free.

Sahaj toilets answer the basic need for sanitation structures in remote locations and areas where toilets are required on temporary or portable basis such as concerts, beaches, parks, car parking area, markets.

  • Modular in nature and pre-engineered for simplified construction
  • No need for electricity or water for installation
  • Installation within 5 minutes for pre-fabricated structures
  • Economical to fabricate, install and even disassemble
  • Reduced consumption of energy during use – the roof of Sahaj Toilets is translucent and allow sunlight to pass
  • Option to add bio-digester and water storage tanks
  • Pre-fabricated panels for 125 units of Standard Sahaj can be transported on a truck
  • Water proof, rust proof, termite proof
Sahaj Series
  • Standard Sahaj : Basic 1m2 structure with single urinal
  • Dual Sahaj : Compartmentalized structure with partition for two urinals
  • Supremo Sahaj : For handicapped (disabled) people with ramp and accessories for convenience
  • Next-Gen Sahaj : Steel finish structure with bio-digester and other hi-tech features
  • Deluxe Sahaj : Wall finish of PPGI on any of above models

The ATL’s Sahaj® Series can be made to any design, any dimension, with any external and internal finish to ensure that they are suitable to the user and the location, be it for farmers in a remote village or for general public usage at a concert or a car parking area.

Anjani’s Toilet is certified by the Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC). We have supplied to various government institutions such as NBCC, Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (NBCC), HOPE Security, among others.

Bio-Digester Septic Tank For Waste Disposal

Features of Lightweight Toilet
  • Cost Effective & Maintenance-Free
  • Pre-Pre-Fabricated & Modular Construction
  • Water Proof, Rust Proof  & Termite Proof
  • Simplified Installation without Electricity or Water
  • Made of Superior lightweight composite Technology