Anjani is a pioneer in thermoformed component manufacturing. We have a large number of thermoforming machines and our largest machine can produce thermoformed components up to the size of 2500 mm x 1500 mm. We are currently producing parts for white goods, plastic trays for material handling, packaging for various products, Auto Parts and Signages. On-time delivery of competitively priced parts in high volumes is a strength Anjani is proud of.

We perform all post forming operations on CNC controlled 5-axis routers and Water-jet cutting machines depending on the application. Secondary operations like fabrication, assembly and painting /printing are also done in-house.

“All Under One Roof”- We have a fully equipped tool room and a competent design team capable of designing and producing complex tools thus helping Anjani offer short lead times on new part developments to our customers. Our tool manufacturing capability coupled with our large plastic sheet extrusion capacity and a number of machines for post forming operations help us offer attractive pricing to our customers.


Sheet Metal Stamping

ANJANI started manufacturing sheet metal parts over 15 years ago for the white goods industry and since then have supplied parts to customers in India and Overseas.

We have presses up to 400 ton capacity suitable for a broad range of manufacturing operations – from bending to notching to forming and more. We also have Pneumatic Power Presses for drawing operation – from 0.002″ to 1.00″ material thickness.

Our in-house capability of design and fabrication of progressive, compound or simple tools helps us develop new parts quickly and cost effectively.

We also have secondary operation facilities for surface treatment, electroplating, painting etc.

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Injection Molded Component

Anjani has injection molding machines varying from 130 ton to 800 ton and has experience in processing a wide variety of plastic materials.

With in-house mold manufacturing and maintenance capability, Anjani can develop parts in short time frames.

Our experienced and well qualified team, world class machinery and well designed physical infrastructure coupled with ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing processes give us the ability to deliver quality injection molded parts to our customers day after day.

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Compression Molded/Thermoset Components

We have a number of presses with capacities ranging from 60 ton up to 1500 Ton. We are molding SMC and BMC parts for various industrial and consumer goods applications.

Thermoset are materials that cure through a chemical reaction activated by heat and pressure, thus forming a strong molecular bond. This molecular bonding enables thermoset materials to maintain their physical properties at elevated temperatures.

Thermoset materials are used in applications such as electrical connector housings, electrical insulators, automotive parts, and cookware appliance handles and knobs. We have machines for thermoset injection-compression molding and compression molding operations.

We have made complex thermoset molding tools and parts for International customers. Our “All Under One Roof” approach helps our customers get quality products at highly competitive prices.

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Precision Machined Components

We offer highly customized precision machined components as per specific needs and requirements of our clients.

We manufacture precision machined components which have application in Switchgear Industries, Automobile Industries, General Engineering Industries, Electronics Industries, Machined Tool Industries etc.

These precision machined components are manufactured from Ferrous and Non-ferrous materials of superior grades.

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ATL has an experienced team of tool designers and a well equipped design center with high end design software such as Idea, Pro-e and ANSYS.

Our Tool Room has CNC Vertical Milling Centers, NC and conventional sinker EDM Machines, CNC and conventional Turning centers, Conventional Vertical Milling machines, Radial Drill Machines, Surface Grinders and Metal Cutting Saws TIG, MIG and conventional Welding machines.

We have designed and developed complex dies and molds for plastic injection molding, compression molding, and thermoforming, sheet metal stamping, forging and casting.

We have mold maintenance and mold certification programs, including statistical validation.