Bullet Proof  Jackets & Vests

Quintessential for tactical operations, lightweight bullet proof jackets & vests manufactured by Anjani offer uncompromised ballistic protection and comfortable agility. To offer varying degrees of bullet resistance, these may be manufactured using polyethylene, composite or ceramic materials. Upgraded protection against ammunition such as AK-47, 7.62 NATO, 5.56 mm. and a series of weapons. can be provided by supplementing these vests with armour plates.

  • Lightweight solution to protect against NIJ Level  III, III+, IV
  • Soft & hard armour solutions protecting against NIJ, PSDB  &  STANAG   standards
  • Protection against handgun ammunition, fragments,  knife &  spike
  • Complete flexibility & mobility with optimum protection
  • Customizable cover fabric and pattern
  • Protection: as per model (front, back, sides, shoulder, groin, collar &  throat)
Torso Protection Models:

Standard Series:
Tactical Jacket, Full body torso with 3600 protection, VIP & concealable vests & Full Body Protector

Next Generation Series:
  • Insta-R Series:  Features a unique, one-pull quick detach (QD) Insta-R Series:  features a unique, one-pull quick detach (QD)  system that allows the jacket to be rapidly released from the body  in single piece during emergency situations
  • Flexi-A Series:  Features a superior flexible stab- resistant armour Flexi-A Series:  features a superior flexible stab- resistant armour  made of highly advanced ultra- resilient  European armour material  that is :
    –  breathable
    –  pliable
    –  waterproof
Bullet Proof VIP VestBullet Proof Tactical VestJacket-2Bullet Proof Inner Vest (Female)Bullet Proof JacketLightweight Bullet Proof Jacket-1Jacket-6Jacket-3Jacket-4Bullet Proof ConcealableBullet Proof Jacket (2)Lightweight Bullet Proof Jacket-2Lightweight Bullet Proof Jacket-3Bullet Proof Jacket (4)Jacket-5

Hard & Soft Armour Panels

With a strong foothold in manufacturing processes and an expertise in composites, Anjani offers armour panels that have multi-hit capabilities. A combination of different constructions of Hard Armour Plate (HAP) and Soft Armour Plate (SAP) extends desired protection against rifle ammunitions of various calibers including AP rounds.

  •  Lightweight plates for NIJ level III, III+ and IV  Lightweight plates for NIJ level III, III+ and IV
  • Solution as light as 900 grams corresponding to NIJ Level III+ against  protection  from AK47 MSC ammunition
  • Customizable size and shape – flat, single curve & multi-curve
  • Available in full body contoured profiles for optimal protection
  • Material
    –  SAP – UDHPPE or Aramid Fiber
    –  HAP – HPPE or Steel or Ceramic Composites

Bullet Proof Helmets

Tactical head gear manufactured by Anjani provide protection against bullets and fragments for armies, para-military and police forces. Combined with its low weight, high performance, and multi-layer casing of High Tenacity Composite material, ballistic helmets are the ultimate headgear for protection, safety & comfort.

Our special designs give you the complete range of bolted and bolt-less helmets that meet the current MICH multi-suspension standards.

  • Superior protection up to NIJ Level II, III & IIIA
  • Consistent ballistic protection with bolt-free shell
  • Mechanically rigid & impact resistant
  • Insulation from heat, moisture and water
  • Ricochet damage control capability
  • UV protected & Non-flammable
  • Compatible with communication accessories, gas mask, Compatible with communication accessories, gas mask, NVD  & NBC equipment
  • Shatter – Proof Visor : – Can be attached on any standard PASGT or modular helmets
    –  Made of reinforced polycarbonate plastic with protection up to NIJ Level IIIA
Models :
  • Combat (MICH, ECH, ACH)
  • Paratrooper
  • FRP Helmet for riot control



Visor (Polycarbonate Bullet Proof Visor)

  • Material: Reinforced polycarbonate plastic
  • Ballistic performance: NIJ IIIA; V50 700 M/S, protection against K59 bullets and K54 lead core bullet
  • Height: 150 mm
  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Shatter proof
  • High Impact resistance
  • With 3- point stay mechanism
  • Can be attached on any standard PASGT helmets
Size Circumference Weight (+/- 50 gm)
Small 53 – 56 cm
(21 – 22 inch)
1.30 kgs
(2.86 lbs)
Medium 56 – 59 cm
(22 – 23 inch)
1.40 kgs
(3.08 lbs)
Large 58 – 61 cm
(23 – 24 inch)
1.50 kgs
(3.30 lbs)

Hand-Held & Trolley-Mounted Tactical Shield

The new generation of ultra-lightweight bullet resistant shield for enhanced mobility

Lightweight shields manufactured by Anjani provide excellent protection against lethal bullets in difficult operating conditions. This new-age shield, developed with Anjani’s unique composite technology, offers exceptional protection to the armed forces while keeping them agile to swiftly react to situations, move quickly and shoot swiftly.

The customized design with extended wings provides unparalleled head-to-toe immunity to the soldier by protecting the vital organs from multiple angles.
The detachable & foldable trolley-mounted model incorporates a supportive frame that stabilises the shield during impact and restricts the transfer of shock, trauma or pain to the soldier.


  • Protection up to NIJ Level III, III+ & IV
  • Customizable shape – flat or curved, as desired
  • Possibility to add extended wings for expanded Possibility to add extended wings for expanded  2700  protection
  • UV protected & non-flammable
  • View port (with bullet proof glass) for View port (with bullet proof glass) for  optimum  visibility and  head protection
  • Padded grips on handle with shoulder strap Padded grips on handle with shoulder strap  for  comfortable  handling & usage
  • Availability of firing/gun port for rapid action
Ballistic shied2Ballistic shied3Ballistic shied4Standard-HandheldBallistic shied6Ballistic shied1Trolley-Mounted-with-Wings-Shield-BacksideBallistic shied7Trolley-Mounted-with-Wings-ShieldBallistic shied5

Composite Panels for Vehicle Armouring

Vehicle armouring panels by Anjani are ultra-lightweight and offer protection up to B6 level while deliver outstanding, multi-hit protection against a range of threats. Our extensive engineering capability to design complete custom composite armour systems meet the specific fabrication requirements for any shape, size and design.


ATL offers concept design, prototype development and manufacturing of composite armour panels for vehicles such as:

  • Mine Protection Vehicles (MPV 4×4, 6X6, 8X8)
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Armoured Personnel Carriers
  • Reconnaissance Vehicles
  • Military Ambulances
  • Administrative & Logistics Echelons


Lending unparalleled manufacturing capabilities:

  • Indigenous facilities for trimming & slotting with high speed 5-axis CNC router machinery
  • All-in-one-shop R&D and production infrastructure including in-house shooting range & ballistic testing All-in-one-shop R&D and production infrastructure including in-house shooting range & ballistic testing  laboratory
  • In-house faculties to manufacture tools, die and moulds for uniform compression of panels of flat & curved In-house faculties to manufacture tools, die and moulds for uniform compression of panels of flat & curved  profiles
panel-2panel-4panel-3panel-1Bullet Proof Car Panels-2Car

Bullet Proof Morcha

ATL Bullet Proof Morcha provide personal full ballstic protection.
They are very useful in rescue operations as well as vehicular, personnel and property protection.
They offer versatility through a foldable design with removable and stackable panels.

Composite Bullet Proof Morcha
  • Foldable, light weight & easily transportable
  • Protection upto against NIJ Level III+, best replacement for sand bags
  • Can be used as picket for Sentry post, designed & manufactured as per specific requirements
  • Portable & easily carryable  in VIP vehicles. Quick protection for rescue missions
  • Can be easily dismantled, assembled & installed within 5 Minutes
  • Facility to fire from inside in standing and sitting position.
  • Flexibility & versatility in use because of light weight (Lightest in the world as compare to other BP Morcha’s)


  • NIJ level IV, Nato B7 and ΕΝ 1063
    Protection: (SLR 7.6 x 51mm Nato Ball, AK-47 7.62 x 39mm Level III +) & Level IV
  • Foldable, can be easily transported in small vehicle
  • Customized dimensions for protective panel possible also useful in rescue operations, vehicle/personal/ property protection
Honeycomb Bullet Proof MorchaSand BunkerHoneycomb Bullet Proof Morcha (2)Honeycomb Bullet Proof Morcha-2

Bullet Proof Wall

During a ballistic attack most serious injuries occur due to flying building fragments which amount to significant lost of lives

ATL offers lightweight composite walls, a revolutionary solutions for blast mitigation. These composite wall encapsulates the fragments, posing no secondary damage of precious life.

  • Standard dimensions: 4feet x 8feet; 4feet x 12feet
  • Attack tight, bullet tight, blast tight, ricochet tight, fire tight and water tight
  • Protection : from small arms to long rifle sniper shots including AK and SLRS
  • Light weight – solution lighter than water
  • Energy resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Stand alone or in conjunction
  • Suitable for extreme climates
  • Inert to moisture & chemical
  • Innocent & architectural appearance
  • Easy & quick to install
  • A quick alternative to traditional solid wall/steel armour construction
  • Enhances protective capabilities in conjunction with built-up structures
  • Cut and machinable to suit project specifications


  • Military Building and establishments
  • Security & Border Fencing
  • Bullet Proof Sentry Post
  • Barricading of sensitive areas and Ammunition Deports
  • Personnel and Cargo Carriers
  • Mobile Shields
  • Disaster Management


  • Blast Mitigation
  • Bullet Proofing
  • Spall Lining
  • Fragment Arrester
  • Energy Absorbent
  • Panels for Ballistic Doors