Bullet Proof & Blast Resistant Shelters

This lightweight pre-fabricated armoured construction system, design & developed with Anjani’s unique composite technology, can be used to develop small to large shelters, cabins & sentry posts.

  • Allows erection at remote locations that may not have access to tools for conventional construction
  • A seamless structure that encapsulate person to provide 3600 protection
  • Scalable construction with lesser manpower
  • Joints &  bullet proof glass extend uncompromised protection
  • Weather proof and maintenance free material that offers high insulation properties
  • Composite material arrests secondary projectile
  • Ruggedized for all types of terrain and weather


Snap-Fit Cabin (SFC)

SFC are adaptable & portable bullet-proof structures fabricated with Anjani’s Twin HAP Bricks. The composite panels used as larger-than-life bricks are designed as modular panels. It allows to easily replace them or even add to them, as desired. Once the building is assembled, it is ready to be connected to local utilities.

  • Completely free standing structure with no requirement for foundation or concrete slab
  • When disassembled & collapsed, the SFS bricks consume only 15% of the original space (when assembled)
  • Brick Size: 1500mm x 500mm & 1000mm x 500mm
  • Pre-fabricated structure that may include firing port & provision for fixtures


Applications of SFC:

  • Military shelters, bunkers & cabins
  • Border & customs posts
  • Nuclear & oilfield sites
  • Embassies & ministries
  • VIP Cabins
  • Sentry post & morcha
  • Dias podiums & lecterns

Snap-Fit Cabin Size : H-1260mm x W-460mm x L-1210mm




Sand-Fill Bunkers (SFB)

Warfare over the years has evolved. Sandbags, although commonly used as military fortifications, are inconvenient and unsightly. SFB offers use of the same readily available sand to be filled into these foldable boxes. These quick to assemble boxes, Anjani’s patented technology, allows for seamless and scalable construction.

These new-age Sand-Fill Bunkers not only protect soldiers from bullets, but also protect the structure from concussive shock waves from bombs. The sand, combined with the superior composite walls, arrest and absorb the ammunition energy and encompasses the army in a safe haven.

A single box can be assembled with 3 items & easily transported by an individual across any terrain. These box-like structures are modular, portable & collapsible. The reusable structure is inert to water, moisture, corrosion , rust, chemical, termite and does not crack, tear or deteriorate.